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It's No Secret Employees want to work from home; here's how a virtual phone system can help

The American labor force has consistently relocated, moving wherever the jobs took them - customarily, away from small towns and towards big cities. Presently, as a rising number of workplaces embrace remote work and permit individuals the flexibility to reside where they choose, the business scene is ready for an extraordinary change.

Despite all technological marvels in the field, poor communication remains one of the greatest challenges in remote work. Clearly, nothing can outclass the effectiveness of face-to-face interaction: gestures, facial expressions, and tone sometimes supply information as important as words. Text messaging and emails are infamous for vagueness originating from not-so-perfect wording.

In this manner, a remote employee may interpret instructions as they seem fit; sometimes leading to misunderstandings. Delaying deadlines due to further clarifications. Essential VoIP tools offer your business a competitive advantage, with a more flexible phone system. This amazing flexibility gives businesses - and employees - many options in how they manage their time, their location, and their costs, to keep the business running smoothly as conditions change.

Allworx creates a seamless remote work environment by enabling employees to use their office phone, home phone, and mobile client. This means that remote workers can make calls, answer calls, see the status, participate in an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) group, change presence, interface with CRM software, record calls, speed dial, and much more. They can do all this directly through their laptop, and can also tie in their Allworx desktop phone for high-profile meetings when the ultimate in voice quality is a benefit.

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