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TechOne customers receiving 30-day Sentinel trails

It used to be that scammers and hackers would use spam to solicit your information. They sent requests like "I'm trapped in jail and I need you to send bail money!", or "Click here to get cheap pharmacy-grade prescriptions"

Those days are over

There are new types of threats which are endangering our customers by impersonating company owners and managers, or by sending fake requests for account information. These messages typically look like this:

The message isn't from Wix, but it grabs the attention of the reader and makes them believe that they need to click and update their billing information. However, the link doesn't actually take them to the Wix website. It takes them to a page where their username, password, and credit card can be captured for an attacker to utilize maliciously.

What we're doing to protect you

Right now, we are phasing in free 30-day trials of Barracuda Sentinel to all current TechOne customers. We will be contacting you to provide reports and review subscription options. If you choose to continue with the service, the cost is simply $3/user per month. If you don't find the service beneficial, we will cancel with no obligation.

What about my spam protection?

Spam filtering is not enough to protect against these types of threats because they don't use the same methods of attack.

Normal spam is detected by looking at the source IP address, the sender's reputation, the symbols used in the message, etc. Phishing messages are detected by artificial intelligence (AI) because they look like real emails. So Barracuda Sentinel has to "learn" how your organization is structured and which employees are most likely targeted.

For instance, a legitimate email from the President may ask the Controller to cut a check to a certain vendor. So that message can't be blocked because it will interrupt operations. However, with AI, Sentinel can learns how distinguish between that legitimate message and one from an real scammer by evaluating past messages and the normal behavior between these two individuals. It's a much more complicated and involved process


Call our support team at 330.966.1129 option 1 for more help.

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