Let us be your network watchdog

24/7 Network Monitoring
Unlimited Help Desk
Controlled Costs


The Human Side of IT

You want to talk to someone, quickly, and get great service. At Intech, we understand the frustration of IT issues ...

and try to eliminate them.

We keep you running.

The Intech team will maintain business systems, so you'll avoid problems before they even happen. 

We pick up the phone.


With Intech, you get to talk to live technicians - not a receptionist or call router. We understand that IT professionals aren't much help if you can't communicate with them.

We're on your side.

If problems occur, we offer prompt service with a friendly face and attitude. We'll roll up our sleeves and work tirelessly - both remotely and on-site - until your problem is resolved. 

Maintain your IT infrastructure.


A broad range of IT security issues can be traced to one central problem: a lack of proactive maintenance.

Are you auditing user accounts?
Are you testing backups?
Are you monitoring your cloud infrastructure?

Let us handle all the small things so they don't lead to big issues. 

Get help with the small things.

If you pay for technical support on an hourly basis, employees are less likely to get help with the “small things.” This can negatively impact the effectiveness of your work force.  

TechOne includes unlimited employee help. We’re here to answer even the smallest questions - such as “How do I setup an email signature?”, “Can I secure a document on our network?”, or “Why do I get this error message every time I turn on my computer?”

With Intech, you don't have to do it alone.
We provide technical support for everything IT.

Because we take a consistent approach to network setup, any member of our team can provide focused service when you need it.

Our friendly technicians quickly get you on the right track.
Whether you have one computer or an entire office, we have you covered.

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