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✔ Industry-leading spam filtering

✔ Data leak prevention

... and more!

Advanced Security



🗹  Report Phishing Button

🗹  Automated Mailbox Management

🗹  Phishing Simulation & Training

🗹  Business Email Compromise Protection

🗹  Ransomware Protection

🗹  Automated Incident Response

🗹  Inline Email Alert Banners

🗹  Fake Login Page Protection

🗹  Advanced Threat Protection / Sandbox

🗹  Crowdsourced SOC in Real-Time

Basic Security

🗹  Industry-leading spam filtering

🗹  Email-born malware protection

🗹  Virus scanning and protection

🗹  Secure email transmission using Transport            Layer Security (TLS)

🗹  Centralized management of granular security        policies

🗹  Link protection (Sandboxing suspicious and          typosquated URLs)

🗹  Real-time email attachment scans


Email protection for

Exchange and Microsoft 365

The setup process is easy!

1. Once we receive your request, we will verify ownership of your domain

(we cannot filter public email systems like Gmail, Yahoo, ect)


2. We will need access to your DNS to change your mail records. We may need to contact your IT department to gain the information

3. We will setup the filtering and lock down your mail server to only receive messages from iNFilter

4. Finally, we will call to give you a brief training session on what to expect and how to send secure email

Image by Andrew Neel

Protect your business for just $2/mailbox per month


For Quick Service

Call 888.966.1129

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