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Cloud backup for business-critical data



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Current Customers can stay up-to-date with the most recent desktop version.

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Off-site data protection

Keeping your data off-site protects one of your most valuable assets against fire, theft or other natural disasters

Cloud hosted

We'll safeguard your information against accidental loss and even keep previous versions of your files in case it needs restored. Data recovery can be performed online, or by shipping you physical media in approximately 48 hours.


Personal edition includes:

  • 50 GB of storage

  • Backup multiple devices

  • Automatic backup with multiple schedules

  • Data protection from fire, theft or flood

  • Encrypted storage

Professional edition includes all of the features of Personal, PLUS:

  • 250 GB of storage

  • Windows Server support with system state, SQL and Exchange add-ins

  • Media shipment for recovery (additional fees may apply)

  • Help desk support and monitoring

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iNBackup off-sit backup

The setup process is easy!

1. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to setup your iNBackup account.

2. We will then connect to the select machine to install/setup the iNBackup application.